Growing tomatoes seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoes

Tomato is a fairly thermophilic plant and therefore plant them immediately in the soil with seeds in our area, hoping to get a crop is meaningless. Cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes with subsequent planting it into the soil allows achieving good yields even in the most southerly areas. But in order to grow a strong planting material, it is necessary to adhere to the right technology, know how and when to plant tomatoes on seedlings and send them on time to the beds in time.

When to plant tomatoes on seedlings

The timing of the planting of tomato seedlings depends, first of all, on the way of their further cultivation. For growing them in a greenhouse - it is sown earlier, and for open ground - later. For planting under the film, plants are used at the age of 50 days, and for the bed, this period is best increased to 60-65 days. Those. For open ground planting tomatoes on seedlings is best in the middle of March (in the southern areas before).

When sown tomatoes are only beginning to rise, they have a very small root system, so there is little space for growing them. This fact is used by truck farmers for simple growing of seedlings. But gradually the size of plants increases, it becomes cramped, so it is necessary to create favorable conditions for their further development and growth.

When growing tomato seedlings, it is necessary to dive it when it reaches the age of three weeks after sowing. Well if you have a heated greenhouse. In this case Picking tomato seedlings Is carried out to the place of further growth of the plant. If there is no greenhouse, then it is better to dive to peat pots or plastic pots. To save space and time and money for organization of seedling lighting, pots are chosen for small size, and as they grow larger they are transplanted into larger vessels. In this case, do not allow sprouting.

A transplant is an important time when growing tomato seedlings. If it is not transplanted in time, it can wither significantly, because the volume of soil in the pot will not match the size of the root of the plant, so its nutrition and development will worsen. And even if these plants are planted in a bed or large capacity, then compared to the rest that are transplanted at the right time, these plants will look stunted, because new areas of food will be captured by them very slowly. The situation can be corrected by combing and spreading the roots of the plant, but this work is complex, can lead to the loss of plants, so do not allow the plants to overgrow in the pot.

Many publications write that when picking tomatoes, you need to make a hole with your finger and push in it young plants, but if you want to lose 15% of plants - you can safely use this method. The fact is that the temperature of the person's finger is 36 degrees, and the ambient temperature is only 20, so if you take the plant with your fingers, it experiences a temperature shock, so take the plants for the leaves, putting on your hands rag gloves.

Seedlings, take with a lump of earth, and do not push the roots with your finger. To do this, it is advisable to use a teaspoon. The tomato is immersed in diving to the cotyledons, but not too deep, because it can slow down the growth of plants and it will take him some time to grow new roots and adapt to environmental conditions.

After picking, the ground around the tomato needs to be compacted so that there is no emptiness around the roots, then the pot is reset to a permanent place where the plant will stay until planted in the ground. This process does not actually affect the rate of development of the plant.

If a week after the transplant you noticed a gain - it means it has become well established, then the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes enters a new phase - hardening. To the tomatoes were strong they must be hardened, and especially if they outgrow. Do not allow plants to flower before planting into the ground, this threatens the loss of the first crop and the fruits will be smaller from their counterparts that are planted correctly.

Well, if the seedlings are transplanted during bud formation, it allows the plant to adapt to new conditions and begin to bear fruit under normal nutrition. Therefore, carefully adjust the growth of seedlings, slowing it down by lowering the temperature.

The first few days after picking, the lighting is reduced, and then increased to prevent stretching. As soon as possible, the seedlings are hardened in the sun's rays, gradually adding time to finding the plants in the sun. The first time you can open access to the sun for half an hour. Not sun-hardened seedlings during transplantation can lose a lot of leaves, which will slow down the process of plant development.

Cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes can not do without watering. Watering should be done rarely, but abundantly, as the soil dries. The need for watering can show drooping leaves of tomatoes. Feed the plants once every two weeks.

Planting seedlings are started when the threat of frosts passes, if possible. Usually this is near the end of May, but it all depends on your climate zone.

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