Planting of tomato seedlings into the ground

Planting tomatoes seedlingsBefore planting seedlings of tomatoes in a permanent place, that is, in the ground, it is necessary to prepare everything properly, in order to avoid later unpleasant moments. The first stage is the selection of the site, we will begin with it.

The most optimal choice will be a site on which cucumbers, onions, beans or cabbage previously grew. The site itself should be sunny and located on a hill to avoid high soil moisture.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the soil. This is done about 5-6 days before the proposed landing. Before digging, the soil must be treated with copper sulfate. The solution is made from the calculation of 1 art. L. On 10 l of water, while its flow is about 1-1,5 l / m2. Then, organic and mineral fertilizers are added to clay or loam soils.

When all the fertilizing is done, you can start digging the soil. It is carried out to a depth of 30 cm, after which beds are formed, which are leveled by rakes and watered with warm water. Now you can make holes with depth 25-30, see.

All the beds are prepared for "settlement".

When to plant tomato seedlings in the open ground

The timing of tomato planting in open ground in different climatic zones may vary slightly. It is planted in cloudy weather or in the evening. Seedlings must necessarily be fresh, otherwise slow growth, partial loss of the first flowers and, as a consequence, loss of the early harvest will manifest.

Непосредственно перед высадкой подготовленные лунки можно полить раствором средства «Эффектон». Высаживается рассада в вертикальном положении, с заглублением в почву только корневой системы. Окучивание производится спустя 2 недели после посадки, почва поднимается на высоту до 12 см.

Methods of planting tomato seedlings

It is preferable to plant plants in the 2 series. The distance between the rows for medium-sized plants should be 50-60 cm, for low stems - 40-50 cm, between plants in both cases - 40 cm.

Immediately after planting, it is advisable to install pegs whose height is selected depending on the tomato variety from 50 to 70 cm. However, if there is such a possibility, it is better to pull the wire at an altitude of about a meter, to which to bind the plants with twine. Fortified in this way, tomatoes are better illuminated and ventilated, therefore, less sick and grow better.

During the week, watering the plants is not necessary. Also you should take care of additional shelter, especially at night. And even better cover with a film, with holes in it. This will help reduce the risk of infection with phytophthora and get a good early harvest.

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