Tomato seedlings stretched, what should I do?

Sprouted seedling tomatoOne of the main problems that may appear when getting tomato seedlings at home is considered a non-standard increase in its height or stretching. In such a case, the young culture becomes thin and weak, and the tomato itself develops poorly. Some of the vegetable growers throw poor-quality seedlings into garbage and go to the market to buy new tomatoes, but there are methods to protect plants. So what measures to take and what better to do if the seedlings of tomatoes are stretched? Let's talk about this later.

Experts note that with a significant lengthening of the stem, it is divided into two pieces by cutting the tip after the 3 or 5-th leaf. The top of culture is set in a transparent jar with warm water, in order to form rootlets. Usually this happens during 5-7 days. After this, the culture can be transplanted into a new container.

As for the remainder, after a while, stepchildren will begin to appear from the sinuses of the leaves. When lateral shoots reach 5-centimeter length, the lower stems are removed, and the upper leaves are left for further development. Such operations should be conducted no later than three weeks before the transplant is planted in an unprotected soil or a greenhouse.

For planting in a greenhouse room is best suited seedlings with two formed lateral shoots, in the process of their development tied to trellis. It should be noted that each side branch can form up to four fruit brushes.

As for the reasons why tomato seedlings are stretched, this process is due to a lack of natural light in winter, when fluorescent lamps are not used. In addition, the extension of crops can be influenced by the increased density of young plants in the seedling box and abundant watering, frequent fertilizing. Experts recommend growing tomato seedlings at a temperature of about 25 degrees.

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