Soaking tomato seeds before planting

Soaking tomato seeds before plantingGardeners and truck farmers should know not only the requirements for planting all kinds of plants, but also properly conduct their watering, formation and enrichment of the soil with nutrients. It should be noted that the high quality of the seeds makes it possible to get good friendly shoots, which will contribute to obtaining a rich harvest. The seeds of tomatoes are not considered an exception, so before sowing in seedlings they must be subjected to all sorts of processing.

Before you start to solve the tasks, you need to answer the question of the appropriateness of processing tomato seeds before sowing. This procedure allows to accelerate the metabolic processes of the plant and suppress all kinds of diseases that can remain on the surface of the seeds. In addition, soaking tomato seeds before sowing speeds up the emergence process.

Tomato seed treatment before planting

The standard method of treating seed is considered to be its soaking. First, we need to select the full-bodied, quality seeds with the simultaneous removal of small and deformed specimens. After this, the selected material should be soaked in ordinary water. This process takes place during 15 minutes, then the seeds are removed and washed, dried. The samples that have surfaced on the surface are discarded.

The next stage of processing involves placing tomato seeds in a solution of chemicals. Here it is necessary to remember that the washing process after such treatment should be especially careful. For processing, prepare a solution of hydrochloric acid 20% concentration. The chemical is heated to a temperature of 40 degrees and seeds are placed in it. After that, the disinfected material is placed in a fine sieve and thoroughly washed with clean water, constantly stirring the seeds, then they are dried. It should be noted that a good result can be comprehended by processing tomato planting stock in factory-made solutions, for example, heteroaxine or other growth activators.

The cheapest way to improve the quality of seed is to soak the seeds of tomatoes before planting. Tomatoes are placed in a small container and poured water with a temperature of about 55 for two days. At the end of this time, drain the water and fill a new liquid with a temperature of about 80 degrees. Seeds soak for one day, and then drain the water and wash the planting material. Now tomatoes can be planted, they will quickly sprout, and will not be damaged by diseases.

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