Секреты выращивания пышной ароматной петрушки

ParsleyВсем ценителям дачной зелени хочется, чтобы урожай радовал глаз и украшал блюда на столе. А петрушка одна из самых любимых наших приправ!

Есть несколько секретов чтобы петрушка на огороде выросла здоровая, душистая, сочная и пушистая.

Листья петрушки можно использовать для придания аромата и украшения блюд, для этого нужноиспользовать листовую петрушку. Если данная культура необходима для квашений, засолки  и соусов, то нужно выращивать корневую петрушку.

Growing of spinach

Spinach refers to the early types of vegetable plants. It is appreciated for its useful properties. This plant contains valuable microelements, vitamins C, A, B, E and others, which are useful for human life. Eat this product, both cooked and raw. Even in hot form, spinach is very useful, it retains vitamin C. and other trace elements. From spinach soup is cooked, cocktails are prepared, salads are prepared. The leaves of spinach tear when the stem has not yet grown. People suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart disease, lungs will be helpful in the diet to include dishes of spinach.

Planting mint

Planting mintMint leaves are added to pastries or vegetable salads, and from the dried parts of this plant you can brew good, fragrant tea. Considered the culture can grow on its site, even an inexperienced gardener. All she needs is a few loosening rows and watering plants. After receiving the shoots, the mint will grow for a long time within the same plot.

Planting thyme

Planting thymeThyme is a short shrub which at the time of development covers the soil with a carpet of lilac flowers. In the people, the culture in question has several other names - Bogorodskaya grass or thyme. The plant has extensive use, in medicine it is used to treat cough and headache, rinse throat. In addition, thyme is also used in cooking as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, vegetable salads and snacks, and dry greens will improve the taste of omelettes and cutlets, as well as in cosmetology.

Planting Rosemary

Planting RosemaryAt the moment, rosemary has found application in cooking, folk medicine and even magic. This evergreen plant in appearance similar to pine has in its composition a lot of useful components. During the flowering period in the second year of the vegetative period, white, pink or blue flowers begin to appear on the culture, giving off a pleasant smell, so the plant can be used to decorate its own infield.

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