What to do to make parsley faster to rise

To parsley quickly roseThe considered plant differs unpretentiousness of cultivation, but if the seeds are not cultivated, then they rise long. This phenomenon is associated with a significant amount of essential oils in grains, they interfere with the development of germs.

Parsley can form greens on any soil, but the ideal option is a primer of light texture, for example sandy loam enriched with organic (humus or compost). Applying manure to the site where the spice will grow is not recommended. Our culture can grow in a shaded or sunny place, but when choosing a site, you should prefer a well sunlit areas. As for the predecessors, the best of them are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, but you should not plant parsley after relatives in appearance: carrots, caraway seeds, dill. In such cases, the culture is moved to the site not earlier than in 4 years.

Parsley is considered cold-resistant, because some of its varieties can withstand a decrease in temperature to -15 degrees. Concerning Planting parsley in spring In the unprotected soil can begin in the middle of April or even in late March, provided that the plants will be covered with a polyethylene film. It should be noted that the period from sowing the seeds of this crop to the emergence of sprouts may exceed three weeks. To parsley quickly rose, in addition to hiding plantations, the grain is pre-soaked in warm water. The process itself lasts for two or three days, and the liquid needs to be changed periodically.

In the climatic conditions of our country, parsley is grown through seedlings or by sowing seeds in open ground, and the latter method is more practical. To begin with, you need to dig into the bayonet of the shovel selected area with the simultaneous introduction of organic materials. After that they begin to level the soil with rakes, and then sow the prepared seeds. The grains are laid in furrows, done at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from each other. Ravchiki need to pre-moisturize, and then seed the seeds to a depth of up to 2 centimeters.

To obtain fast shoots of parsley over the site, a shelter made of polyethylene film is arranged and periodic watering of the crops is carried out. In this case, a greenhouse effect is achieved, which will promote the rapid germination of seeds. After the appearance of sprouts and the establishment of warm weather, the protective shelter is removed.

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