How to Dry Fennel

Drying of dillDill refers to the spicy herbs, has a pleasant smell and aroma. It gives a special taste to meat dishes, salads, fish; Some manage to use it in desserts. In addition, that dill can be used as a seasoning for many dishes, it still has a huge amount of vitamins. The plant contains essential oils, it contains the following vitamins: C, P, B1, PP, and also ascorbic and folic acid, carotene; Mineral substances: potassium calcium, phosphorus. Of course, fresh greens have more vitamins, but this does not mean that the dried fennel does not need to be used. Properly dried dill does not lose its taste and aroma, but in addition it can be stored for a long time. The article will discuss how to dry dill properly.

Dill is dried entirely or crushed before drying. However, note that the leaves and stems are dried separately. Drying must be preceded by careful preparation of plants. To do this, pull out the right amount of dill, carefully sorted, separating unnecessary, damaged, wilted, yellowed plants. Of course, that the roots must be removed from the stems. The remaining, good plants are thoroughly washed with cool water. Now dill can be chopped or not crushed, then decomposed on a white sheet of paper. Do not spread the fennel on old newspapers, you can damage it in this way. It's all about printing ink that can harm your health, because it will be in direct contact with the fennel, which is used in cooking.

Some mistakenly believe that you need to dry the dill in the sun. To greenery, this method is better not to use, so dry the dill in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. So after drying you can get its natural properties and appearance, as well as preserve the basic vitamin composition and useful substances.

There is another way to dry dill. For this, the plants are gathered into bundles and hung on a rope. Drying is carried out in a cool room, which should be well ventilated. This method is mainly used for large fennel. Dried dill, in order to keep its appearance and aroma, as well as to prevent the penetration of moisture, stored in glass containers. For this purpose, you can use cans that are tightly closed with lids. You can cook the powder with dill, crushing already dried plants.

Other plants, such as celery, parsley, as well as any other greens, can be dried by the methods considered. You can combine different greens, crushing it after drying and mixing. However, it should be remembered that each of the plants should be dried separately from others, do not dry near dill and parsley, their aromas are mixed, and you will not achieve the desired effect.

Dried dill will store its taste and vitamin properties for a long time, and therefore perfectly complement your main dishes.

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