How to freeze dill

Frozen dillPreparing young shoots of dill are engaged in June-July. Dill can not only be dried, but also salted, and also frozen.

How to freeze dill for the winter?

It is best to harvest dill for freezing at noon.

At this time, the amount of essential oils contained in it is maximized. Then the grass needs to be washed and spread on a towel, so that it is a little dried.

Frozen dill is best spent in single portions, then all dill is finely chopped, then it is decomposed into ice molds. On 2 / 3 cells are filled with dill. A little chilled boiled water can be added from above. Then you can freeze. You can store finished cubes not only in the form, but also in plastic bags.

If you do not want to cut dill, then you can freeze it with small tufts. But you only need to do this if you have enough space in the refrigerator. To freeze dill in this way, first the grass is washed, then dried on a towel. Then, the separation into small beams is performed.

In the freezer, the mini beams are laid out in such a way that they do not touch each other. After a few hours, they can be tamped into a container, but you can not be afraid of sticking together. You can get the dill and add it to the dishes as needed.

Note that dill thaws fairly quickly, becomes watery, its original properties lose. Therefore, after defrosting it must be used immediately.

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