When to sow white mustard

When to sow white mustardA good variant of soil enrichment with useful substances is the sowing of siderates, one of which is white mustard. After reaching a culture size of 20-25 centimeters, its elevated part is buried in the soil. This operation is carried out by means of plowing or digging. After a while, the plant will begin to dissolve in the ground, allocate phosphorus and other nutrients. Sowing of the main culture is carried out three weeks after mowing the mustard.

Before answering the main question about when to sow white mustard, we will understand why it is necessary to use it, and not other crops to enrich the soil with nutrients. The answer is as simple as always: this plant is able to accumulate in its cells a huge amount of nutrients and microelements in three to four weeks of vegetation. Due to the content of essential oils in greenery, it is possible to drive out wireworms, aphids and other pests from the soil, that is, the benefits of growing white mustard on a double plot. As for earthworms that process soil, the culture in question does not frighten them, but attracts them-they feed on the remains of the plant.

It is possible to place mustard on soils of any acidity and mechanical composition. The period of sowing of white mustard is divided into two main periods: in the beginning of spring after the melting of snow or in autumn, when the harvest of the predecessor was harvested. To get fast shoots, seeds are sown to a shallow depth in moistened soil or systematically watered using the sprinkling method. It should be noted that mustard belongs to the family of cruciferous, so it can not be planted after all kinds of cabbage and other similar crops.

According to the recommendations of gardeners, siderates should be sown in the last decade of April, when warm weather is established, and the land is still wet. In well-moistened soil, crop shoots may appear on the third day after planting, they are not afraid of small frosts to -3 degrees. The norm of sowing mustard can reach 4 grams per square meter.

В осенний период белую горчицу лучше сеять сразу после уборки урожая картофеля, примерно в августе месяце, тогда она сможет нарастить зелёную массу до наступления заморозков. Гарантией получения урожая будут обильные поливы. Когда растения достигнут высоты 20-25 сантиметров участок перекапывают.

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