When to plant celery in open ground

When to plant celeryCelery can be seen on many sites in most regions of our country. Such popularity of culture among vegetable growers is explained by a large number of vitamins, microelements and useful acids, which are contained in root crops, petioles and leaves of the plant, and also the possibility of using it for preparing various dishes, conservation. Celery has a long period of vegetation, from five months, so in the open ground of celery planted seedlings prepared.

The seeds of the culture in question are very small and sprout poorly, so the period of growing the seedling can last up to two months. Sowing of seeds in separate containers or boxes with prepared soil is carried out from the last decade of February. To accelerate the emergence of seedlings, soak in warm water, and after sowing the container cover with slices of glass or a transparent film to create a greenhouse effect.

Under standard conditions, the first sprouts of celery can be obtained three weeks after sowing. Now the boxes with plants need to be moved to a cool place or lowered the temperature by 3-4 degrees. Such operations prevent the seedling from stretching. After appearing on the cultures of two or three real leaves, the plantings are thinned, the excess celery can be transplanted into separate containers. Care of seedlings is in regular watering and fertilizing.

As for the celery planting in the open ground, this moment comes after passing the threat of frosts and establishing warm weather, such conditions usually occur in the middle or late May. For cultivation of the crop, it is necessary to prepare the plot in advance. After harvesting the predecessor's crop in autumn, humus and complex mineral fertilizers, such as superphosphate, also contribute to the soil.

Before moving to a permanent place, the seedlings are quenched and well moistened. To plants are well established in a new place, they can cut a part of the leaves. Celery needs to be dipped to the same level in the soil, in the case of a sprinkling of the growth point, the quality of the root crops deteriorates. When planting celery in a permanent place, the distance between neighboring plants in all directions should correspond to 30-centimeter.

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