Why does parsley turn yellow?

Parsley turns yellowParsley is considered unpretentious crop, its seeds can germinate at a temperature of + 3 degree, and intensive development is possible in the temperature range from 15 to 19-degrees. At significant temperatures and hot summer, the leaves of the plant become coarse, and sometimes yellowness appears on them. The main cause of this phenomenon is the lack of moisture, so in the hot period, parsley requires periodic irrigation with warm water, which should be carried out in the evening.

Experienced gardeners combine moistening the soil with the introduction of complex mineral fertilizers in liquid form to prevent similar diseases. It is known that the second cause of yellow leaves on parsley is the lack of nitrogen in the soil.

Parsley leaves often turn yellow as a result of a carrot fly attack, which sucks the plant's juices, so that the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow and dry out. Whatever the reason, the green color of the deciduous surface of the culture can not be returned, but effective measures of struggle can prevent diseases of the remaining greenery.

What to do if parsley turns yellow

At the first stage of the fight against yellowing parsley, you need to remove all damaged leaves. After this, you can begin to prepare a special infusion on the basis of the nettle. To get it you need to soak in kilograms of nettle leaves in 10 liters of warm water. The soaking process lasts for two or three hours. After the specified time, the plant will give nitrogen to the liquid, and it can be used as a liquid nitrogen fertilizer of soft effect. To increase the concentration of nutrients in water, the infusion is kept for a day or several weeks.

A strong solution of two-week exposure is diluted in the proportion of 1k 10 in relation to water. The prepared mixture is used for periodic irrigation. As a result of the soil enrichment with nitrogen, parsley will please you with a good harvest and beautiful lush greenery.

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