Watering the salad

Watering the saladAll vegetables and spices, including salad, contain a considerable amount of liquid in their composition, about 80%, therefore, for a normal crop formation (head or deciduous) these crops need timely irrigation. If the moisture in the soil is not enough, then the greens become rough, its taste qualities are lost. Excess water also harms plants - they lose flavor and nutrients, become vulnerable to many diseases.

Watering the salad begins in the growing season of seedlings. The first moistening of the soil is carried out when sowing seeds, because they germinate better at high humidity. It should be noted that our culture has an insufficiently developed root and a significant number of leaves, which will promote intensive evaporation of moisture. In this regard, the salad dressing should be planted in deep containers and watering with an interval of two to three days. Abundant watering of seedlings of salad is also necessary in the case of transplanting plants to a permanent place in the open ground, because root tips can be damaged in such a procedure, and the presence of moisture in the soil will make this procedure painless.

In unprotected soil, the salad also needs constant watering with warm water, and especially with prolonged drought. One of the best ways to heat a liquid is to move water from a well or well to a dark metal container, it will warm up in a day, and in the evening you can humidify the soil. Spray the liquid by sprinkling from the watering can in the morning or evening.

If you leave the site without proper supervision, the moisture quickly evaporates from the soil surface. To make this process happen as slowly as possible, use mulching of crops with broken straw or humus. The layer of mulch can be stacked to a height of up to 20-centimeter.

Another way to water a salad is to use a drip irrigation system. In this case, the liquid through special hoses in the required quantities is fed to the roots of the plant. A special tank is used to heat water. It should be noted that in addition to giving moisture to plants with the help of drip irrigation, one can solve another problem, the introduction of nutrients into the soil. Fertilizers are dissolved in a special tank and fed to the roots of crops along with water.

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