Planting of basil

Planting of basilBasil loves warmth and needs a long light day, so this plant can be sown with seeds directly into the open ground or use pre-grown seedlings, which is typical for most regions of our country. The sowing of basil on seedlings begins in March, about two months before transplantation to a permanent place.

Planting of basil on seedlings

The first thing to do in this case is to prepare a nutritional mixture for plants. Soil is usually bought in a specialized store or prepared independently by mixing peat, river sand and compost in the proportion of 4: 2: 1. To prevent the infection of cultures with various diseases, the mixture is sieved and then kept for an hour on a steam bath.

As seedlings, individual pots or cassettes are used, which is typical when growing several varieties of plants. The dishes are filled with soil and seeds are sown to a small depth, about one centimeter. To accelerate the emergence of seedlings, seedlings are covered with a film and transferred to a bright and warm room.

The ideal temperature for growing basil is the range of indicators from 22 to 25 degrees. Under such conditions, the first shoots can be obtained already in 10 days after sowing. In the future, the temperature is reduced by 4-6 degrees, which will harden the young plants and prevent their stretching. Watering crops should be done using warm water.

Planting basil with seeds

As we have already said, basil is considered a heat-loving plant, so it is necessary to sow basil in open ground a few weeks after the spring frosts are over, around the end of May. In the seeds of our culture, as well as in other spices, there is a large amount of essential oils that interfere with the germination of the grains. To reduce their impact, the seed material is soaked for two three days in warm water, and the liquid is constantly changed. Improve the development of crops will help soak the seed in growth stimulants, which is carried out a day before sowing

For planting basil seeds are suitable for light, nutrient-rich soil, the site itself should be in a sunny place. Before digging the soil on its surface rastushivayut complex mineral fertilizers. By sowing proceed after leveling the site. First, make small furrows 3-4 centimeter deep, then they are spilled with water and only after that they switch to seeding the seeds. To speed up the appearance of shoots will help shelter the beds with a film.

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