Planting of mustard

Planting of mustardIf the garden plot was exhausted, a large number of weeds and pests appeared on it - it's time to sow the mustard. This culture will not only enrich the soil with useful substances, but it will also help to drive away the wireworm, rid us of weeds, and its roots will loosen up the soil well. Among domestic truck farmers, the crop under consideration is used as a siderate. In addition, its leaves can be added to salads or soups, and the grains are used as a seasoning for many dishes.

Посадка горчицы весной

The advantage of growing mustard is the fact that its seeds can germinate at a temperature of three degrees Celsius, and the sprouts can withstand slight frosts to -5 degrees, so you can plant mustard in early spring after the snow has fallen or in autumn. Mustard does not need well enriched with nutrient elements soils, it can grow on soils with different acidity. All you need to do before planting is to loosen the top layer of soil or walk around the site with a tiller with a milling cutter.

Usually sowing seeds of the culture in question is carried out from the middle of spring, they are scattered at the designated site or sown in rows. In the future, the grain should be covered with a small layer of soil, about 2 centimeters, which is easy to do with rakes. If the soil is well moistened, then the appearance of the first seedlings can be seen after three or four days. The seeding rate is 4-5 grams per square meter of area. Some gardeners for stretching the seeds of moisture roll a site with crops.

Planting mustard in autumn

Целью посадки горчицы под зиму считается получение ранней зелени, чтобы сидерат можно было заделать в почву, а через три недели после этого высеять на участке новую культуру.

Usually sowing seeds in the open ground is carried out for one two weeks before the onset of frost, so that the grains could not germinate until winter. The seeding technology is the same as in the spring: the top layer of the soil is loosened by any available method, and then begins to sow. Sometimes cultures have time to germinate and well winter. The plant saves a thick layer of snow, which protects them from frosts.

Another option is the sowing of mustard after potatoes and other crops, the harvest of which is harvested at the end of the summer or the first month of autumn. In this case, the siderate will form a green mass before the onset of frost. About a month after receiving the shoots, the site is dug, so that the greens can dissolve in the soil during the winter and give away all the useful substances.

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