Planting mint

Planting mintMint leaves are added to pastries or vegetable salads, and from the dried parts of this plant you can brew good, fragrant tea. Considered the culture can grow on its site, even an inexperienced gardener. All she needs is a few loosening rows and watering plants. After receiving the shoots, the mint will grow for a long time within the same plot.

Completely matured seeds are suitable for planting mint. They can be purchased at a specialized store or collected independently. Experienced gardeners recommend the cultivation of peppermint with lemon aroma, from which tea with notes of citrus fruits is obtained. If parts of the plant are to be used for baking, then plant a fragrant mint on your site. For the most lazy gardeners, field spice will suit, as it is considered a wild species.

After choosing a variety, you can proceed to plant mint on the site, this operation begins from the middle of March. It should be noted that mint has very small seeds, so it is more expedient to grow it through seedlings. As seedlings, food containers are used, they are filled with lightly mechanically ground, moistened with warm water and lightly compacted with a palm. After that, sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the soil, and then sprinkle a thin layer of soil, about 3 millimeters. The containers are covered with a plastic lid or film, after which they are placed in a warm room. Before the emergence of shoots, the shelter is removed for several minutes once or twice a day.

After the seedlings appear in the seedlings, the boxes are installed on the solar window sill. In cloudy weather, plants need refreshing. For this purpose, at a distance of 50-centimeters from the cultures, an economical fluorescent lamp is suspended.

Further care for the seedlings is reduced to regular irrigation with warm water. A month after sowing, mint is transplanted into separate containers or thinned out in boxes, leaving between cultures 5 centimeters of distance. After the establishment of warm weather, around the middle of May the plants are transplanted to the garden. It is desirable to conduct such operations on cloudy days in the evening. Seedlings are moved together with a clod of earth in staggered order at a distance of 20-centimeters from each other. To achieve a good rooting of the planting holes well spilled water. In the early days of the development of mint in a new place, the plot with plantings is pritelined using a lutrasil stretched on a frame of wooden arcs.

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