Planting parsnips

Planting parsnipsThis type of spicy plants like parsnips refers to biennials, its relatives are in the form of a family of umbrellas. From this culture, only root vegetables are used for food, they contain vitamins of group B, C, as well as natural sugars, due to which the fruits have a slightly sweet taste. In cooking, parsnip is used as a seasoning for soups, side dishes and meat dishes.

The plant under consideration is resistant to abrupt temperature changes, and some varieties can overwinter in unprotected soil without loss of basic properties. Culture is best developed on organic enriched soils. For planting parsnips, heavy soils are not recommended, because the root does not climb into such a land and becomes tortuous. To improve the mechanical composition, sand or sawdust is applied to dense soils. It should be noted that the best yields are obtained on peaty or sandy loams of neutral acid reaction.

Preparation of the site for planting parsnips begins in the autumn after harvesting the predecessor. Spice is recommended to grow after potatoes, tomatoes or cucumbers. On the site rastrushivayut humus and carry out a deep digging with the imposition of fertilizers. In the presence of poor soils, not only organic matter is added to their composition, but also mineral useful substances. On a square meter of area it is necessary to disperse about 20 grams of ammonium nitrate, 25 grams of potassium salt and 40 grams of superphosphate. It should be noted that during the growing period of planting parsnips require regular watering.

The spice should be sown in a well-lit place in the sun, preferably it was on a hill. Cultivation of crops begins in the middle of April or in May, if the site is in the middle zone of Russia. The early planting period can be explained by the fact that spice seeds give the first shoots in 18-20 days.

The technology of planting parsnip is the following: on shallow beds make shallow furrows (about two centimeters). They are spilled with water and sown the seeds every 10 centimeters, then sprinkled with soil. The recommended distance between rows is 50 centimeter. To accelerate the germination of the seed, it is insisted in warm water for 3 days. A few hours before sowing the seeds are slightly dried, so they do not stick together.

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