How to plant parsley

Planting parsleyParsley is referred to biennial plants, it is from the family of celery. Parsley is used in the preparation of various dishes as a seasoning, so for winter use it can be frozen, canned, or dried, and grown on a window sill.

The plant contains essential oils, which is why they have a unique aroma, these substances also stimulate appetite and improve digestion.

Parsley in its composition has many proteins of vitamins and carbons. In addition, the plant has medicinal properties: with its help strengthen the gums, treat the hair. And indeed the plant is quite valuable, and now we will understand how to plant parsley.

Seeds before planting should be soaked, so that they are slightly stuck. To do this, you can take a soft rag or fold the gauze in two layers. Take a plate, put a gauze or cloth on it and pour out the necessary number of seeds. Seeds are laid and spilled with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. When the first sprouts appeared, it is necessary to put seeds together with gauze in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. This hardening will allow you to get early shoots that will appear in 7 days after sowing into the ground, and not through 2-3 weeks, as in normal sowing.

Soil must be prepared well in advance, because every vegetable marketer knows that well-prepared fertilized soil is the key to a good harvest. Parsley feels comfortable on sandy loams, which are rich in nutrients, you can fertilize these and other soils with humus.

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Culture can be planted in autumn, but planting parsley in spring is practiced more often. Spring planting starts from the end of April. Seeds should be sown in grooves up to 3 centimeter deep. To accelerate the germination of seeds, the crops are covered with peat, and the top is covered with a polyethylene film.

Planting parsley under winter is carried out by dry seeds. The best time to plant is October or November.

Some truck farmers, to get the earliest harvest, plant parsley seedlings. Sowing of seeds is carried out in flowerpots or boxes, seeding is carried out in February. When there will be favorable conditions for development and growth, seedlings are planted in the ground.

Parsley gives good harvests after cabbage of different varieties, cucumbers or potatoes, for root parsley, in addition to all of the above should be added beets. It is a good crop rotation that is the key to success in growing this crop. Connoisseurs of parsley to grow a crop in winter can take a root crop, which is put in a box of sand and placed on a window. After a while there will be leaves that can be eaten.

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