Salad dressing

Salad dressingAfter melting snow in the spring period, summer residents begin to conduct all kinds of work on their site, one of which is considered the planting of a salad. The culture in question is not afraid of cooling, is undemanding in care, besides it can be grown between other vegetables. For the cultivation of this green is suitable for a well sunlit area with enough nutrients. In the case of cultivation of the crop between rows of other vegetable plants in the preparation of the site is not necessary.

Terms of planting lettuce

Usually, lettuce is grown from seeds, because this spice is characterized by a short period of vegetation. The plant develops well on a fertile soil that is mechanically light in texture. Seeds begin to sow immediately after the snow convergence, in this case the area is recommended to cover with a polyethylene film to conserve heat and accelerate the germination of the grains.

Salad greens are formed fairly quickly, about three to five weeks after sowing, so to get a long harvest of spices it is sown in several terms.

Ways of planting lettuce

In the case of planting lettuce on the inter-rows of other crops, the plantation should be placed on a flat area. First make shallow furrows, up to one centimeter, spill them with water and only after that start to sow. According to observations of truck farmers the rate of consumption of seed material is 0,5 grams per square meter. The best method of sowing is the placement of grains along the furrows with observance of the distance between individual plants and rows, although it is possible to place the seeds in a scattered manner.

Depending on the sorts of crops used, the row spacing is chosen as follows: for lettuce 15 centimeters between rows and at least 3 x centimeters between individual plants in a row. Rows of lettuce salads are placed through 25 centimeters, observing the distance between plants in 7-10 centimeters.

After the emergence of shoots, let the salad be damaged, so that each bush gets enough nutrients. Care is to loosen the soil and watering. Humidification of the soil should be carried out constantly when needed, because the root system of the salad is located in the upper layers of the soil, and a large mass of greenery always needs water.

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