Planting sorrel

Planting sorrelSorrel is a perennial plant with a well developed root of the rod type, due to which it can extract water from considerable depths. According to the observations of truck farmers this crop can be grown on one site for three or four years. Sorrel perfectly resists negative temperatures and gives a crop much earlier from other types of greens, and especially when covering plantings with a film. Fresh leaves of this plant are often used in cooking for cooking sauces, green borscht, puree.

Sorrel - this unpretentious plant, but best of all it develops on enriched with organic, moderately moist soil. Heavy loams, as well as soils with high density, wetlands, as well as sandy loam for the cultivation of this plant are not suitable. According to observations of truck farmers, insufficient soil hydration causes a decrease in size and coarsening of the leaves.

To plant a sorrel, select a site cleared of annual and perennial weeds. Ideal predecessors for this culture are all kinds of cabbage, lettuce, radish, dill or early potatoes. The soil is prepared from autumn, bringing up to 3 kilograms of humus per square meter, then the ground is dug onto the spade bayonet. In the spring period the plot should be razed by rake or fence. Just before planting, a small amount of complex mineral fertilizers is rastered, about 10 grams per m2.

Terms of planting sorrel

Sowing of sorrel seeds can be carried out in early spring in summer or winter. The grains are laid in pre-made and moistened grooves to a depth of up to 2-x centimeters. Between rows of plants leave a distance of 30-45 centimeters.

Note that the planting of sorrel can be carried out throughout the warm period. In summer, the last sowing period should coincide with the beginning of August. With this method, the number of seeds per unit area is slightly increased, and the planting is carried out in a well-developed, moistened soil. In the case of sowing sorrel in the summer, you can get the first harvest by autumn. Next time the greens are received in early spring.

Care of the crop during the growing season is extremely simple. All you need to do is periodically loosen the soil, destroy the weeds and fight the pests using biologically active drugs. If necessary, sorrel watered in the evening hours with warm water. Every year, with the arrival of spring, a transverse harrowing of plantations is made to cover the moisture. During this period, complex mineral fertilizers must be introduced into the soil in order not to be depleted.

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