Celery planting on seedlings

Celery planting on seedlingsCelery of all species is distinguished by a long period of vegetative development, an average of five months, so in order to obtain an early harvest, it is necessary to grow the culture through seedlings. This is especially true in the middle zone of Russia.

Planting of root and petiolate celery for seedlings are beginning to be carried out in seedlings from the middle of February. After all, plants are planted in the open ground at two months of age, when they form four or five real leaves. Sorts of leaf celery are recommended for sowing in the first ten days of March. It should be noted that the grains of the culture in question contain essential oils that prevent swelling and germination. If their influence is not reduced, the celery germination period can reach 25 days.

The preparation of the seed material includes its bubbling in oxygenated water, the operation is carried out during the day. After that, the seeds are dropped into a weak solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. After 45 minutes, the seeds are removed and placed in a damp cloth to stimulate germination.

According to the recommendations of truck farmers for planting celery for seedlings, you need to prepare enriched with useful substances soil. It should consist of peat - 3 part, humus and turf soil, one part. In the resulting mixture for 10 liters of volume add 150 grams of wood ash, which is rich in trace elements and 10 grams of carbamide. The resulting substrate falls asleep in the seedling boxes, we lay the sprouted seeds and cover them with a thin layer of soil.

Now you can cover our tanks with a polyethylene film and put in a warm room. In standard conditions, when planting celery for seedlings, the shoots will appear after 10-12 days. Soil with seeds should be periodically moistened, using a sprayer filled with warm water. The use of cold water can lead to various diseases of seedlings.

After germination of celery, remove protective cover, and the containers are transferred to a well-illuminated window sill. For tempering plants and preventing them from stretching, the room temperature can be reduced by 3-4 degrees. About a month after mass shoots, when two or three real leaves appear on the crops, they are transplanted into separate containers or into a heated greenhouse. Moving celery to a permanent place in the open ground is carried out in the middle of May, when warm weather sets in.

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