Varieties of parsley

Varieties of parsleyTo get fresh parsley greens for a long period, the seeds of this plant are sown with an interval of 12-15 days. In the presence of a large area, plants of different periods of vegetative development can be sown. It should be noted that early-ripening parsley forms greens in 50-60 days from the moment of sowing, middle-ripening varieties will begin to yield a crop two weeks later, and late-ripening spices will mature at the end of summer.

When choosing varieties of parsley for growing on your own garden plot, you need to decide for what purposes the crop will be used. It is known that from this plant you can get root crops or greens. So, roots are used to prepare a variety of medicinal broths - in this case it is necessary to grow root parsley varieties, and greens are used mainly for cooking needs. In the latter case, when varieties are used to produce green, the roots are small and sluggish.

Лучшие сорта петрушки на зелень

In this article we will get acquainted with varieties of leaf spices. According to the shape of the leaf, such parsley can be ordinary (with a flat leaf blade) and curly, beautiful leaves of which are somewhat similar to curls. The latter kind of spice is used to decorate many dishes, its greenery is distinguished by a pleasant gentle taste and delicate aroma. After pruning greens, the new leaves again grow back, which allows you to get an extra crop.

Common parsley

This variety of parsley is appreciated for its unpretentiousness, resistance to low temperatures and intense formation of greenery. Full maturity of the green mass is achieved two months after the shoots are received. The socket is well developed, it can include up to 100 dissected green leaves, which produce a pleasant aroma. The roots of this culture do not use.


Это сорт петрушки среднего созревания с вегетационным периодом 2,5 месяца. Каждое растение при уборке урожая может дать не меньше 60 граммов зелени. Культура высокая, около 75 сантиметров ростом. Зелень издаёт приятный аромат, долго сохраняет свежесть.


Beautiful curly parsley of the middle ripening period. The plant is characterized by intensive formation of green mass after trimming, has a small rosette consisting of 20-30 leaves. With each crop, you can collect up to 50 grams of yield.

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