When to sow white mustard

When to sow white mustardA good variant of soil enrichment with useful substances is the sowing of siderates, one of which is white mustard. After reaching a culture size of 20-25 centimeters, its elevated part is buried in the soil. This operation is carried out by means of plowing or digging. After a while, the plant will begin to dissolve in the ground, allocate phosphorus and other nutrients.


Planting of mustard

Planting of mustardIf the garden plot was exhausted, a large number of weeds and pests appeared on it - it's time to sow the mustard. This culture will not only enrich the soil with useful substances, but it will also help to drive away the wireworm, rid us of weeds, and its roots will loosen up the soil well. Among domestic truck farmers, the crop under consideration is used as a siderate. In addition, its leaves can be added to salads or soups, and the grains are used as a seasoning for many dishes.


When to plant celery in open ground

When to plant celeryCelery can be seen on many sites in most regions of our country. Such popularity of culture among vegetable growers is explained by a large number of vitamins, microelements and useful acids, which are contained in root crops, petioles and leaves of the plant, and also the possibility of using it for preparing various dishes, conservation. Celery has a long period of vegetation, from five months, so in the open ground of celery planted seedlings prepared.


Growing celery seedlings

Growing celery seedlingsIn our country, a crop of such plants as celery is obtained from seedlings, which allows to shorten the growing period of the plant in beds. Seedlings are usually obtained on the windowsill in an apartment or in a small greenhouse. Seeds should be sown in seedlings or small pots for 65-70 days from the time of plant transplantation to a permanent place. If we assume that the planting of celery will be carried out in the middle of May, then the seeding of the seedlings for seedlings should start from the end of February.


Celery planting on seedlings

Celery planting on seedlingsCelery of all species is distinguished by a long period of vegetative development, an average of five months, so in order to obtain an early harvest, it is necessary to grow the culture through seedlings. This is especially true in the middle zone of Russia.

Planting of root and petiolate celery for seedlings are beginning to be carried out in seedlings from the middle of February.

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