Cultivation of celery from seeds

Cultivation of celery from seedsCelery has become famous among culinary specialists of many world countries, but we are not yet widely spread. This vegetable can be grown in our country, if you know the basic rules.

The difference between the technology of growing celery from seeds from other crops is the fact that its seeds do not penetrate into the soil, but are left on the surface.


Planting celery

Planting celeryCelery is a spicy plant of the umbrella family. It grows well in open solar areas, prefers loamy or sandy loamy soil, which is rich in useful substances. Predecessors for this culture can be anything other than "brothers by sight", as it is almost not affected by illnesses. Another advantage of the culture is considered good cold resistance, young plants can withstand frosts up to -7 degrees.


Planting rhubarb

Planting rhubarbRhubarb is a culture with large leaves and massive petioles. The plant is unpretentious, can live on one site for 15-ти years, but the maximum yields are received only in the first 5-6 years, then it is transplanted to another place. Rhubarb has good frost resistance, so it can be grown in most regions of our country. The aboveground part of the culture, used in food for taste, resembles apples. The petioles contain pectin, organic acids, vitamins, mineral salts.


Planting sorrel

Planting sorrelSorrel is a perennial plant with a well developed root of the rod type, due to which it can extract water from considerable depths. According to the observations of truck farmers this crop can be grown on one site for three or four years. Sorrel perfectly resists negative temperatures and gives a crop much earlier from other types of greens, and especially when covering plantings with a film.


Cultivation of sorrel from seeds

Cultivation of sorrel from seedsIn the summer we constantly consume greens, we put various spices in soups, salads and other dishes. One of the most popular types of greenery is sorrel. This culture is rich in amino acids, and carotene in it is much more than in carrots and other root crops.

After landing of the considered green on a permanent place, it can grow there for several years.

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