Planting tarragona

Planting tarragonaMany people know about the existence of a spicy aromatic plant tarhun, although scientists call it tarragon. This culture has good cold resistance, so it can be grown on most of the territories of our state, including Siberia. Propagation of tarragon by means of seeds, by dividing the bush into parts, by root offsprings or cuttings.


Growing tarragon from seeds

Growing tarragon from seedsMany culinary specialists use tarragon, it is also a tarhun for creating various dishes, but this garden spice has not yet gained popularity among gardeners. This plant is considered one of the species of wormwood, so it is bitter. The aroma of tarragon is of great value among culinary specialists, therefore it is used as an auxiliary component in the production of a variety of sauces, marinade for cucumbers and tomatoes - it gives the vegetables an interesting and exquisite taste.


Planting chard

Planting chardMangold is one of the beet species, but it does not form root crops, only leaves. In our country cultivation of this culture has not yet become popular, but some truck farmers have already paid attention to it. The plant in question is also called Roman cabbage, spinach or Japanese beets. His country is the countries located on the Mediterranean coast.


Watering the salad

Watering the saladAll vegetables and spices, including salad, contain a considerable amount of liquid in their composition, about 80%, therefore, for a normal crop formation (head or deciduous) these crops need timely irrigation. If the moisture in the soil is not enough, then the greens become rough, its taste qualities are lost. Excess water also harms plants - they lose flavor and nutrients, become vulnerable to many diseases.


Growing salad from seeds

Most kinds of lettuce give the first harvests after three to four weeks from the appearance of the first shoots. The spices in question can be grown in spring or planted for the winter, but the salad planted in the summer under the influence of high temperatures, and also with a lack of moisture begins to be bitter and forms a flower stalk.

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