Salad dressing

Salad dressingAfter melting snow in the spring period, summer residents begin to conduct all kinds of work on their site, one of which is considered to be planting a salad. The culture in question is not afraid of cooling, is undemanding in care, besides it can be grown between other vegetables. For the cultivation of this green is suitable for a well sunlit area with enough nutrients.

Growing of sprouts of basil

Growing of sprouts of basilBasil is considered one of the most favorite spices of many housewives, but people who do not have land, you have to buy all kinds of greenery in supermarkets, although it is not difficult to grow basil. The maximum height of the plant in question reaches 60-centimeter, although the bushes grow larger, so you can grow green on the windowsill. The best precursors of the culture are cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes.

Planting of basil

Planting of basilBasil loves warmth and needs a long light day, so this plant can be sown with seeds directly into the open ground or use pre-grown seedlings, which is typical for most regions of our country. The sowing of basil on seedlings begins in March, about two months before transplantation to a permanent place.

Cultivation of coriander from seeds

Cultivation of coriander from seedsSeeds of coriander are called coriander, they are used in cooking as a fragrant additive to sausages, various sauces. From grains are prepared tinctures or used for making bakery products. Cilantro is used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, but to get the culture in question on your own land you need to know the basic rules of its cultivation.

Planting coriander

Planting corianderCoriander is of particular importance among all known spices, because its aroma is difficult to confuse with anything else. Due to considerable popularity among truck farmers and cooks this plant has some other names, for example coriander or Chinese parsley.

The first thing to do when growing the considered green is to choose the right site for the culture.

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