How to Dry Fennel

Drying of dillDill refers to the spicy herbs, has a pleasant smell and aroma. It gives a special taste to meat dishes, salads, fish; Some manage to use it in desserts. In addition, that dill can be used as a seasoning for many dishes, it still has a huge amount of vitamins. The plant contains essential oils, it contains the following vitamins: C, P, B1, PP, and also ascorbic and folic acid, carotene; Mineral substances: potassium calcium, phosphorus.


Aphids in the dill. How to fight

Aphids in dillVery often in the garden or garden we see plants damaged by decay. These small pests have an average size of up to 2 millimeters, the body in form resembles an egg, they are almost defenseless, they can easily be crushed. Aphids can be wingless and wingless, and both species are capable of producing offspring, it is enough for them to fertilize once, every two weeks throughout the season, to give out 150 larvae.

Adult individuals reach 5 millimeters, they can be green or black.


Growing parsley

Growing parsleyParsley is grown practically by all truck farmers in our country. Indeed - this delicious and fragrant plant, in addition, it includes many vitamins and nutrients. In food you can eat not only leaves, but also roots.

It's hard to imagine borsch or another dish of national cuisine without parsley, it makes the food more delicious or simply serves as a beautiful decoration. That's why growing parsley and cottages is so popular with us.


How to plant parsley

Planting parsleyParsley is referred to biennial plants, it is from the family of celery. Parsley is used in the preparation of various dishes as a seasoning, so for winter use it can be frozen, canned, or dried, and grown on a window sill.

The plant contains essential oils, which is why they have a unique aroma, these substances also stimulate appetite and improve digestion.


Fennel planting

Fennel plantingWith cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, you can combine the planting of dill. It can be said that cultures that are incompatible with dill do not exist. Choose for planting this plant needs a sunny place, since this plant is photophilous.

The soil for planting dill should be prepared from autumn. It needs to be digged and make 2-3 kg of humus per m2.

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