Aphids in the dill. How to fight

Aphids in dillVery often in the garden or garden we see plants damaged by decay. These small pests have an average size of up to 2 millimeters, the body in form resembles an egg, they are almost defenseless, they can easily be crushed. Aphids can be wingless and wingless, and both species are capable of producing offspring, it is enough for them to fertilize once, every two weeks throughout the season, to give out 150 larvae.

Adult individuals reach 5 millimeters, they can be green or black. In the middle of the season, some individuals can grow wings, helping them to move and multiply at considerable distances. Inhabit pests on the stems of buds, the inner side of the leaves.

Aphids consume nutrients from plants, but can also carry a variety of infectious diseases, for example, a black mushroom. In places of mass feeding aphids of plant tissues are deformed and soon die off, and the isolation of these parasites serves as a favorable substratum for the development of various harmful fungi, besides layers of their secretions inhibit photosynthesis.

On dill, the defeat of decay can be seen from the deformed tips of shoots and by the presence of the parasites themselves, if ants move around the crop, then they should be checked for the presence of aphids. Ants like to eat honey dew, which is a product of the processing of aphids.

Для профилактики на укропе необходимо периодически рассматривать растения для своевременного обнаружения вредителя, при обнаружении тлю необходимо сразу же уничтожить, чтобы она не оккупировала соседние растения и не принесла ещё больше вреда.

Destroying the aphids, you should not abuse chemicals, because together with it you will kill useful insects that destroy these pests - these are ladybugs, lacewings, riders, predatory bugs.

It is very important to properly feed dill, usually aphids choose plants with high or low nutrient levels. In addition, plants need to choose the right place, in which there should be enough water and light, air circulation. For prevention, it is necessary to systematically loosen the soil, and it is better to mulch it.

Methods of fighting aphids on dill

For the expulsion of pests, plants can be spilled with fertilizer prepared from nettle. Nettle finely chopped and insisted in water for 6-7 days. Watering the dill for several days in a row. Plants can quickly assimilate these nutrients and in a couple of days acquire resistance against aphids.

Другим хорошим методом является использование золы, которую заливают на ночь горячей водой. Наутро раствор необходимо тщательно процедить и добавить в него измельчённое хозяйственное мыло. Это средство применяется для изгнания тли и мурашек, однако через некоторое время после обработки растения необходимо промыть.

Also for the destruction of aphids on dill is suitable infusion of onion husk with the addition of citrus peel. The ingredients are poured with boiling water and insist for 3 a day, then filter and cover in bottles. The finished solution is stored in a dark place, if necessary, it is dissolved with water and the dill is sprayed.

Also for the preparation of decoctions against aphids can be used such plants: wormwood, tansy, garlic, millennia, mustard, rhubarb and many others.

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