Growing tarragon from seeds

Growing tarragon from seedsMany culinary specialists use tarragon, it is also a tarhun for creating various dishes, but this garden spice has not yet gained popularity among gardeners. This plant is considered one of the species of wormwood, so it is bitter. The aroma of tarragon is of great value among culinary specialists, therefore it is used as an auxiliary component in the production of a variety of sauces, marinade for cucumbers and tomatoes - it gives the vegetables an interesting and exquisite taste.

In practice, several methods of growing tarragon are used - through the seed material, by root offsprings or cuttings. Before you start cultivating this crop, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances. The ideal option for planting tarragon is sandy or loamy soil, conducive to the removal of excess moisture. The site itself should be located on a hill, well illuminated by the sun.

Place for planting plants are prepared after harvesting the predecessor in the autumn period. First, we need to free the earth from the remains of weeds, then add organic matter, for example humus and dig the site onto the spade bayonet. Seed sowing is carried out in the middle or late spring, when frosts will depart. When sowing, the seeds are arranged along rows, between which a distance of 30 centimeters is maintained. It should be noted that the seeds of this spice are very small, therefore when growing tarragon from seeds to ensure a normal seed density, they are mixed with dry loose sand in equal proportions and only after that they are planted.

After emergence of the shoots, approximately two weeks after planting, the plantings are thinned in such a way that the cultures, when further developed, do not shade each other. Care of plants includes periodic irrigation with warm water, especially with persistent drought, loosening of rows between the weeds and the removal of weeds with liquid fertilizers. In the first year of life, the tarch forms a stem, and next season he has inflorescences and seeds. If tarragon is grown from seeds, harvesting of greenery can be made only the next year, when the height of the plant reaches 25-centimeter.

To improve the development of culture when growing tarragon from seeds, truck farmers first grow seedlings in a film greenhouse. With the establishment of warm weather, young plants are transplanted to a pre-prepared site in the open ground.

Green tartun can be obtained even in a city apartment, when the spice is grown in seedlings on the windowsill. In this case, the culture should develop at a temperature regime from 20 to 25 degrees. Further care is reduced to timely watering.

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