Cultivation of coriander from seeds

Cultivation of coriander from seedsСемена кинзы называют кориандром, их используют в кулинарии в качестве ароматной добавки до колбасных изделий, различных соусов. Из зёрен готовят настойки или применяют для изготовления хлебобулочных изделий. Кинза используется в качестве приправы к мясным и рыбным блюдам, но чтоб получить рассматриваемую культуру на собственном земельном участке нужно знать основные правила её выращивания.

The choice of a variety of spices depends on what you want to get. If you need greenery, you should buy seeds of such varieties of coriander as Alekseevsky 26, Amber or Oktyabrsky. To grow coriander from seeds, you first need to prepare a site for planting. According to experienced truck farmers it is necessary to choose an open place with light in texture and rich in useful substances soils. Under the digging into a square meter of area, about 4 kilograms of compost or humus, 300 grams of wood ash and 10 grams of nitrophosphite or superphosphate are applied. In the presence of heavy soils, wood sawdust or sand is added to their composition. After digging up the earth, the upper layer of the soil is leveled with rakes, the grooves are held and moistened at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from each other. Seeds are placed at a depth of up to 4-x centimeters.

The sowing season for coriander seeds depends on the growing conditions. Grow coriander from the seeds can be a whole year, if you place boxes with plants on the sunny windowsill. Sowing of seeds in a greenhouse can be carried out from the first days of March. It is known that the seeds of this culture can germinate at 5-degrees of heat, and shoots are not afraid of frost. Sowing in the open ground is usually carried out from the end of April, but in order to receive greens for a long period, two weeks intervals between seeding should be observed. Sometimes coriander planting is carried out in autumn in order to obtain a green harvest before the due date.

For the cultivation of cilantro should choose the grains collected in the past or the year before last, because the old seed material gives bad and uneven shoots. Under standard conditions, shoots are obtained three weeks after sowing. In order to accelerate the appearance of sprouts, the grains are soaked in warm water for three days, after sowing over the plot, a transparent film is applied to create a greenhouse effect.

Further care for crops is to thin out the shoots (between plants leave 10 centimeters if the ultimate goal is to obtain seeds and 5 centimeters if you need green). During the vegetation period, it is necessary several times to loosen the top layer of the soil, to permanently remove weeds and to water it, as coriander needs moisture. Green plantations can be damaged by a spider mites or other types of pests. For their repelling, it is necessary to spray the leaves of the cultures with soap solutions, chemical preparations are prohibited.

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