Growing parsley

Growing parsleyParsley is grown practically by all truck farmers in our country. Indeed - this delicious and fragrant plant, in addition, it includes many vitamins and nutrients. In food you can eat not only leaves, but also roots.

It's hard to imagine borsch or another dish of national cuisine without parsley, it makes the food more delicious or simply serves as a beautiful decoration. That's why growing parsley and cottages is so popular with us.

Петрушка растёт два года, выращивать её начинают с семян. Первый год растение даёт пышный куст листьев, а на второй можно собирать и корни. Сейчас петрушка и делится на листовую и корневую. У нас многие выращивают корневую петрушку, хотя огородники стали больше внимания уделять листовой, которая кроме вкуса и пользы имеет красивый вид, поэтому ей можно украсить многие блюда.

The plant is resistant to frost, so it can please us with its lush greenery, when many vegetables in the city are not yet available. Parsley loves the sun and responds well to timely watering, so with good care it is not difficult to get a good harvest of greens.

Plank for sowing parsley is prepared from autumn. Under the digging it is necessary to make up to 8 kilograms of humus per square meter. Sow the culture should be in the middle of April, when sowing, use pre-moistened seeds, which will accelerate germination. Soak the seeds in the gauze for four days before sowing. During this time, the seeds begin to appear sprouts, so they are slightly dried and plowed into the soil to a depth of up to 1,5 centimeter, between the rows leave distances up to 12 centimeters.

When using previously soaked seeds, shoots will appear one week after sowing, dry ones after two to three weeks. To constantly receive herbs parsley it is sown in several stages, with an interval of three weeks.

Caring for parsley should be systematically chopped, fed, loosened and weeded, as well as at the right time to produce watering. To make the roots large, thinning is done several times. The first time the distance between two neighboring plants is 2,5 centimeters. With the second thinning, the distance is adjusted to 7 centimeters. At an early stage of development, several fertilizing is carried out between the rows, using small doses of fertilizers containing nitrogen and potassium. During the season, it is necessary to periodically loosen the soil and destroy weeds.

Leaf parsley responds well to watering, they are carried out throughout the season, and when growing root parsley, watering is carried out from the end of August.

Growing parsley in winter is also possible. To grow it, use flower pots. When planting in the pots, the first shoots appear three weeks after seeding, and after a month and a half, lush vegetation appears on it. In each pot, plant no more than two seeds, if you plant more, then the vegetation will be very weak. This method can be used for a whole year, than many do.

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