Growing parsley from seeds

Growing parsley from seedsPetrushka is familiar to each of us, it is referred to a family of celery or umbrella. The birthplace of this plant is the island of Sardinia, where it grows in many places in its original form. The culture is a two-year one, with vegetation in the first season forms a green mass and developed root, and next year it has peduncles and seeds.

All known varieties of spices are divided into leaf parsley, as well as root. The first variety is divided into common parsley, differing by smooth leaves and curly (decorative appearance). Curly parsley is used to decorate various dishes, but its taste is slightly lower than in the leaf.

Выращивать петрушку из семян можно практически на почве, о чём говорит и название. В переводе слово «петрушка» говорит о культуре, которая может расти на каменистом грунте. Нетребовательность специи к затенению позволяет получать хорошие урожаи зелени в большинстве регионов нашей страны. Её посевы можно разместить даже между деревьями, но лучшего результата добиваются на освещаемых солнцем участках.

Ogorodniki say that parsley can withstand a decrease in temperature to -15 degrees, while seed puncturing occurs at 3-degrees of heat. Resistance of the culture to the changeable weather allows you to collect greens throughout the warm period, until the very frost, and when growing on the windowsill - all year round.

For the cultivation of parsley from seeds, only leaf varieties are selected. In order to improve the germination, the seed is soaked in warm water for a couple of hours, and then the seeds are dried so that they do not stick together. The culture can be grown on a garden bed or in long boxes (containers), which are used for landscaping of balconies. In the latter case, a flower mixture is used as the soil.

Growing parsley seeds, moisturize the soil and spend shallow furrows to 2 centimeters, where the grains will be sown. Parsley is sprinkled with a layer of loose soil and compacts a little. In standard conditions the plant sprouts for three weeks, but in order to accelerate the shoots, stretch and fasten the polyethylene film over the site. The container is installed in a dark and warm room. Parsley needs moisture, so watering is done every other day in the evening or in the morning with the use of warm water.

After the appearance of shoots, the film is removed from the site. In the future, parsley requires constant watering and top dressing using liquid fertilizers. When growing crops in late autumn, plants need a long light day. To do this, a fluorescent lamp is installed above the container at a height of 50 centimeters. Harvesting of greenery is carried out when the bushes reach a height of 8 centimeters.

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