Growing of sprouts of basil

Growing of sprouts of basilBasil is considered one of the most favorite spices of many housewives, but people who do not have land, you have to buy all kinds of greenery in supermarkets, although it is not difficult to grow basil. The maximum height of the plant in question reaches 60-centimeter, although the bushes grow larger, so you can grow green on the windowsill. The best precursors of the culture are cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes.

Cultivate basil by seedling or seeding method in open ground. The first option allows you to slightly reduce the period of vegetation in a permanent place. At the first stage of obtaining seedling material, it is necessary to prepare nutrient soil. In its composition impregnated humus, peat and river sand, approximate ratio of components 2: 4: 1. To prevent diseases of plants, the ground needs to be sifted and steamed for an hour. If you use the soil bought in the store, then enough treatment with Fitosporin or potassium permanganate.

As containers for growing seedlings of basil, containers up to 7-cm high are used. They are filled with soil, and then the seeds are sown to a depth of one centimeter. After that, it is necessary to compact the soil a little, to water and cover the containers with polyethylene or glass, which will contribute to the preservation of humidity and temperature. Now you can put the containers in a light room at room temperature and wait for the emergence of sprouts.

The first shoots usually appear two weeks after sowing. To accelerate germination of seeds of basil will help soaking seeds in warm water - this process should occur for two days. After germination of seeds, the shelter is removed, and the temperature in the room is reduced to 16-18 degrees. In this case, the seedlings of the basil will become hardened and stop stretching. Basil needs watering, but does not like waterlogging, so making watering, make sure that the liquid does not remain on the pallet.

The considered spice is considered a light-loving crop in connection with this when planting seedlings of the basil in the early spring, it is necessary to arrange for the plants to lighten up. Do it in such a way that the light day reached 8-mi hours. After the appearance of two real leaves, the basil is dived into separate containers. In the future, plants need improved nutrition - 10 liters of the previously prepared recipe of soil is supplemented with 20-50 grams of wood ash and 10-15 grams of complex mineral fertilizers. Soil is poured into separate pots, compacts a little, and then proceeds to transplant the crops.

For 10-12 days from the proposed plant transplant period to a permanent site, the seedlings are tempered by the method of gradual temperature reduction to + 10 degree. Moving the basil into the open ground is carried out when the soil is heated to + 16-degrees, around the end of May.

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