Growing celery seedlings

Growing celery seedlingsIn our country, a crop of such plants as celery is obtained from seedlings, which allows to shorten the growing period of the plant in beds. Seedlings are usually obtained on the windowsill in an apartment or in a small greenhouse. Seeds should be sown in seedlings or small pots for 65-70 days from the time of plant transplantation to a permanent place. If we assume that the planting of celery will be carried out in the middle of May, then the seeding of the seedlings for seedlings should start from the end of February.

Seeds in this culture are very small, they sprout for a long time in connection with the presence of essential oils, so the seeds need to be properly prepared. To this end, they are soaked in warm water for 3 days. Then the seed material is slightly dried and mixed with sand, which will serve as a kind of marker for sowing.

When growing celery seedlings, to accelerate the shoots will help germination of the seed material in moist tissue, but before that the seeds need to be hardened by placing in a warm 50-60 degrees, and then into cold water. Another way to accelerate the emergence of sprouts - bubbling, involves soaking the celery grains in oxygenated water throughout the day. Then the seeds are disinfected in 1% solution of potassium permanganate and begin to sow.

Experienced truck farmers say that young celery can withstand minor, up to -5 degrees of freezing, in connection with this, you can grow celery seedlings even in a greenhouse, but the majority of vegetable growers start growing this crop in seedlings on a sunny window sill. In the prepared, disinfected tanks pour a small layer of finely chopped straw, and then a nutrient substrate: one part of the turf ground and humus, with the addition of three parts of peat. On the bucket of the resulting mixture add 300 grams of wood ash and a tablespoon of carbamide.

Seeds with sand should be scattered in rows on the surface of moistened soil, and then sprinkled with a small layer of sifted earth. The distance between rows of celery is 6-7 centimeters. Seed containers are covered with glass or film and installed in a warm place before emergence. Care for seedlings of celery is a periodic irrigation with warm water and hardening, after the appearance of shoots, the protective cover is removed, and the air temperature in the room is reduced from 22 to 16 degrees.

When thick shoots appear, plantings are thinned, if necessary, extra cultures are transplanted into separate containers. When two or three real sheets appear on the plants, they can be transplanted into a greenhouse or discarded in separate pots. Transplanting celery seedlings to a permanent place is carried out in the middle of May, when the culture has 4-5 well developed leaflets. A few days before the movement of plants, seedlings need to be hardened.

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