Growing salad from seeds

Most kinds of lettuce give the first harvests after three to four weeks from the appearance of the first shoots. The spices in question can be grown in spring or planted for the winter, but the salad planted in the summer under the influence of high temperatures, and also with a lack of moisture begins to be bitter and forms a flower stalk.

Leaf lettuce is considered a cold-resistant culture, but young plants can not withstand a significant decrease in temperature. Seeds of this culture can form sprouts at a soil temperature of 4-x degrees of heat, but the temperature regime of the main vegetation period should be between 15 and 20-degrees. Experienced gardener pay attention to the exactingness of the plant to moisten the soil, so you need to systematically water it, but do not zealously with it, as excess water in the ground leads to many diseases.

Under the planting of our spices, it is necessary to highlight a well-illuminated area with a fertile soil of a neutral acid reaction. Fertile soils, such as sandy loam or loam, are considered ideal. In the presence of clay soil, its mechanical composition can be changed by applying sand, peat or sawdust.

In the first stage of preparation you need to fertilize the chosen place. On the square meter of useful area under the digging is 3-4 kilograms of humus, a teaspoon of potassium sulfate and 10 grams of superphosphate. In the presence of acidic soils, the effect of acidity is reduced by adding dolomite flour or lime.

Now you can start choosing a variety of spices, given the ripening period of greenery. So early salads, for example the Ballet or the Moscow Greenhouse form the crop a month after emergence, and the late (Ice Mountain) through 2,5-3 months.

It is recommended to use fresh seed material for planting. The beans are small in the lettuce, so they are mixed with sand in proportion of 2-1 to regulate the density of the plantations. After leveling the soil with rakes, furrows are made at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from each other, the seeds are buried into the ground at 1,5-2 centimeters. If the plants are grown to produce seed, then the crops need to be cut several times, so that between adjacent bunches there should be about 10-centimeter distance for the early varieties, 15 centimeters for the mid-ripening and 25 centimeters for late salads. The rest of the crops can be used for food or transplanted to a new place. For permanent receipt of green leaf lettuce planted on the site with a periodicity of three weeks, and the last term of sowing no later than mid-September.

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