Cultivation of sorrel from seeds

Cultivation of sorrel from seedsIn the summer we constantly consume greens, we put various spices in soups, salads and other dishes. One of the most popular types of greenery is sorrel. This culture is rich in amino acids, and carotene in it is much more than in carrots and other root crops.

After landing of the considered green on a permanent place, it can grow there for several years. Approximately four years of vegetation on one plot of sorrel will need to be transplanted, otherwise the yield will begin to fall. To plant a crop, you must choose a fertile, saturated with moisture. Ideal option will be the use of loam or sandy loam soil, which will be previously introduced humus or other organic matter.

Next, the rules of growing sorrel from seeds will be considered. Work should begin in the autumn after harvesting the previous crop. First you need to remove the remains of weeds, add organic matter (manure or humus), and then dig the soil on the spade bayonet or fix the fertilizer in the ground with a motoblock.

Sowing of sorrel seeds is usually carried out in the early spring after the establishment of warm weather. In this case, the harvest of greenery can be obtained in the beginning or in the middle of summer, depending on the timing of sowing. Sorrel can be sown in the beds and in the summer from the last decade of June to mid-July. In this case, the culture can be grown after harvesting a green onion, radish or lettuce. When planting greens in the middle of summer, harvest is collected for the next year, in the spring. Our culture can be planted and for the winter, in this case, the sowing period is selected one week before the onset of frosts, because with the early sowing of grains they will germinate to frosts and perish.

It should be noted that for each term of planting, if the sorrel is grown from seeds, it is necessary to choose the appropriate care. So if the sorrel was planted in the summer, then the crops will need a timely strait, and if the grains are planted for the winter, the crops should be placed on sandy or loamy soils. In this case, the seeds germinate for a long time. In the regions of risky farming, you can grow sorrel on balconies and window sills, as well as in heated greenhouses.

When growing the sorrel in the open ground, the seeds are sown in rows along moistened furrows, which are placed at a distance of 25-35 centimeters from each other. To accelerate the emergence of sprouting soil after filling the grains gently compact. Care of plants is to loosen the top layer of the soil, the fight against weeds and watering. Destruction of pests is usually carried out after cutting green.

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