Cultivation of celery from seeds

Cultivation of celery from seedsCelery has become famous among culinary specialists of many world countries, but we are not yet widely spread. This vegetable can be grown in our country, if you know the basic rules.

The difference between the technology of growing celery from seeds from other crops is the fact that its seeds do not penetrate into the soil, but are left on the surface. It is known that the seeds of the plant under consideration are very small and germinate too slowly. To accelerate the emergence of seedlings, the seed material is pressed firmly against the soil surface, and then the seedlings are covered with a transparent film or glass. Seedlings should be left in a room with room temperature, preferably on a sunny window sill. Before the appearance of sprouts, the seeds are constantly moistened using a flower sprayer.

When growing celery from seeds, shoots usually appear after 2 weeks after sowing, after that the room temperature can be reduced by 4-5 degrees and lifted off the shelter. When a pair of real leaves appear on the young plants, they need to be discarded in seedlings, keeping the distance of 7-8 centimeters. If additional crops are not needed, you can simply thin the seedlings.

Transplant celery to a permanent place begin after the passage of spring frost, when the air temperature reaches the mark of 20-22 degrees. The seedling method of cultivation of the considered crop is considered optimal because the seeds planted in the cold ground form the peduncles and in the first year of vegetation you will get seeds, not stalks or greens.

Before transplanting the seedlings to a permanent place, you need to prepare the site, preferably it is located in a well sunlit place. Good predecessors for celery are cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes, poor precursor crops: carrots, parsley and others from the umbrella family. The soil is enriched with organic in the fall period, and in the spring, complex mineral fertilizers are introduced.

After transplanting the seedlings to a permanent place, you need to watch her for a while. All plants that do not take root badly are removed without regret. In the process of transplantation between cultures, the following distances should be left: when growing root celery about 30-40 centimeters between plants and 15-20 centimeters for petioles and deciduous varieties.

Growing celery from seeds, care for the culture is to remove weeds and loosen the top layer of the soil. During the development of celery requires abundant watering. With prolonged drought, for each square meter of plantations pour up to 5 liters of warm water. The first feeding of crops is carried out two weeks after transplanting the seedlings into the open ground using useful components containing potassium. Harvest is collected in the autumn season before the very frost, first cut off the leaves and petioles, and then proceed to dig out the roots.

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