Growing of spinach

Spinach refers to the early types of vegetable plants. It is appreciated for its useful properties. This plant contains valuable microelements, vitamins C, A, B, E and others, which are useful for human life. Eat this product, both cooked and raw. Even in hot form, spinach is very useful, it retains vitamin C. and other trace elements. From spinach soup is cooked, cocktails are prepared, salads are prepared. The leaves of spinach tear when the stem has not yet grown. People suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart disease, lungs will be helpful in the diet to include dishes of spinach.

Dug up the soil in autumn, of course, convenient Garden tools- it needs to be fertilized with minerals - it's superphosphate 30 grams, potassium chloride 15 grams per one square meter. In the autumn, treat the land with lime, where we will sow spinach, if necessary. Organic fertilizer (manure) is not suitable for this product, because it will spoil the taste of the leaf.

Spinach is of two kinds: with smooth leaves and with corrugated.

This plant is resistant to cold and tolerates small frosts. Quickly he sings. Seeds germinate faster at temperatures up to + 15 degrees. The vegetation period ranges from 20 to 30 days. This plant loves loamy soil, fertilized with organic substances. Nitrogen fertilizers should be balanced, since with an abundance of fertilizer, nitrates accumulate in spinach leaves. If the soil is sandy, the spinach will need frequent watering. On acidic soil, it is better not to grow spinach. If you really want to plant spinach, and the soil has increased acidity, then it is necessary to lime the soil. Place spinach planting should alternate with vegetables such as potatoes, cucumber, carrots.

To eat spinach continuously, this product can be sown several times - in April, early May and until the end of June. If we sow the seeds of spinach in autumn, somewhere in October, then we will get the harvest in the early spring. To seed quickly rises, it is good to soak them for a day or two. Before sowing the swelled seeds should be dried, so that they do not get lost during sowing. Sow sparingly, so that the spinach does not start up the arrows. Arrows need to be pulled out and the grass thinned when the leaf appeared.

Spinach leaves can already be harvested when they grow to the length of 2 - 3 cm. It is necessary to make sure that the leaves do not age. It is the young leaf that has vitamins and tasty taste qualities, and the old spinach leaf loses all of it.

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